I'm Eddie Haskell and Plug Your Ride was born on a cold Sunday night in December 2016 in my home office in Denver, Colorado. Having been in radio all my career I wanted to do a podcast, but about what? After lunch with a friend where ALL we talked about was my new Tesla he said: "you should do a Tesla podcast!" So here it is. After a year or so of flying solo, my friend Justin bought a Model X and I immediately had him begin co-hosting. I am on my second Tesla... Roxanne, a beautiful blue Model 3 I got in October 2018. We love exploring the beautiful mountains of Colorado with zero emissions. Whether you are a new Tesla owner, future owner, car geek or just want to hear some fun stories from a couple of guys passionate about cars, we welcome you. Drop me an email anytime at eddie@plugyourride.com

Plug Your Ride

Tesla Podcast

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