Episode 160: Frickin' Laser Beams

  • We get another glimpse of Cybertruck and it has "laser beam" headlights

  • New cobalt-free batteries could be on the horizon

  • Your Model 3 is holding its value VERY well

  • Consumer Reports is back on the Tesla bandwagon

  • The largest fast-charger in the US is open now in Pasadena

  • Tesla is so far ahead some automakers are saying "it cannot be done" in response to Tesla's tech

  • Now THIS has to be delivery hell... right?

  • If not, then this SURELY is. Email from Patrick: After driving my leased model S for nearly 3 years I decided to go forward with ending my lease early and getting in to a  new Model X to own. I absolutely loved my model S 75. My commute to work is particularly long and besides not having to spend money for gas I absolutely love using the auto pilot. I decided to go ahead with accelerated lease maturity… Where I basically pay off the rest of the lease but turn the car in early. This is mostly due to the fact that I went well above my mileage allowance due to some work changes and a long commute.    I placed my Model  x order.  Long Range six seater.  Black with white premium interior.   4-7 weeks delivery.   I was quite happy And excited to find out I would be able to take delivery only four weeks after I placed my order. I was unceremoniously handed the keys in the parking lot, outside of the Tesla service center in North Houston.  There it was parked in between a couple of parked cars Not the cool delivery experience I had when I first got my Model S.  I was told that they needed the room inside that was previously designated for deliveries for the service center. The rep pointed out the differences between my Model S and X. The nema  1450 adapter no longer comes with the car and I purchased one separately.  I was glad they had them in stock.  And I thought I did a fairly thorough job looking the car over.  I noticed that premium connectivity and everything that comes with it. (Live traffic , satellite maps (does anyone really use that??) but most  importantly streaming music, Podcasts etc). Was not working.   I was assured that all this would be turned on seconds after signing the acceptance ( no paper forms to sign, by the way... just a couple of electronic signatures on an iPad) I stream everything in my model s. This is where the most frustrating part began. No connectivity on a car that’s essentially an iPad that’s connected to the internet all of the time.   I waited and waited and waited for connectivity but.... nothing . Before I get further into this issue. I did discover a small paint scratch on the hood and noticed that they’re seems to be uneven compression of the door seals.  Also the led lights in the frunk were not hooked up.  I wished I would have noticed these things when I accepted the car, but I didn’t.  I just hooked the frunk lights myself but found a disconnected wiring harness that was just loose in the very front of the frunk.  This made me wonder if anything else had not been properly installed. Turns out the harness is part of the towing package that is now included and it about have been inside of a bag with the towing kit.    I texted the person who set up my delivery appointment with all of my issues and was assured they would be addressed.  She told me to setup a service appointment.    What followed was series of promises that my internet connectivity issue would be resolved within the next few hours.   I was told that my car was misconfigured with non premium interior and they had corrected this and I should be good to go shortly.  To make a long story short .... it took nearly a week and many many calls to service and tech support and me finally threatening to return the car inside of my 7 day window for them to “escalate” the issue and to get it working.  Ultimately Travis at the north Houston service center figured out what steps needed to be taken.  First world problem for sure, but when you’re looking forward to driving off in your shiny new car, you just want it to work and it was super frustrating.  The explanation I was ultimately given, was that when they turned on my free trial for premium connectivity, the car was connected to a weak Wi-Fi signal and that caused it to fail.  At a service appointment I was told the seal compression is normal and there would only be cause for concerns if there was a leak .. I do not have any leaks.  Since I had the car scheduled for paint protection and I am about to drive out of state for work, I decided to live with a small scratch on the hood.  It may not be visible when I get the car back from getting the paint protection and window tinting done. I have 3 separate emails outlining the lease return process, all completely different.  One required me to upload pictures, after which I would be able to schedule a return appointment..... I did but was told I could not make an appointment.   One that required to make an accelerated lease payment first and then schedule a lease return.  And a third email that required me to make an appointment to turn in the car and then I would receive a bill.  After talking to someone on the phone, I made a payment over the phone and was told someone would contact me to return the car.    Someone I had previously communicated with then emailed me and told me that that would be unable to help me because I had not yet made a payment.   I took a screenshot of my bank statement and they finally gave me a return appointment for tomorrow.  ... wow I know their quality control is Not perfect, so I brace myself for some minor hiccupps, but this should not have taken this much time and effort.    I absolutely love the car and I’m a total Tesla fan boy ... can’t wait to get it back with my paint protection and tinted windows.  I had very few issues with my model s... got the display swapped out for yellow edges but they returned after a few thousand miles.  The drive unit was replaced under warranty after about 75k miles.  The charging  port door failed and cost me $250 to replace.  I put nearly 90k miles on my model s I’m curious to see if I Will get the range increase per Software  update, since I purchased my car mid January.  I am excited to see what future software upgrades will bring and how auto pilot and self driving will develop and evolve in the future.    Been a long time fan of your show and I love listening to you and Justin ... congratulations on the recent accomplishments Justin.  I have been a pilot for over 30 years (ironically mostly for the oil and gas insustry) now and still love every minute of it.

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